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About Us

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My name is Tandin Nidup and I am the manager/proprietor of Pursue Bhutan Tours. To give you a brief introduction about my travel & tour company, I’d like to tell you that for the last 7 years, I’ve been working as a trekking and cultural guide with a lot of tour and travel companies in Bhutan. Over that period of time, I was presented with a magnificent opportunity of meeting and interacting with tourists visiting Bhutan.

My conversations and work experiences with them led to one conclusion: the need to start Pursue Bhutan Tours. Now you may wonder: Why Pursue Bhutan Tours? Pursue Bhutan Tours was built around the idea that our valued customers/tourists need an experience which goes beyond just visiting places of interest and taking pictures of one scenic valley or festival after another. Pursue Bhutan Tours is about living the experience of being Bhutanese, experiencing the culture firsthand and interacting with every aspect of the Bhutanese culture, tradition, environment and lifestyle. We have developed a whole range of itineraries which are very detailed and destination interactive while having partnered our company with guides/hosts that have immense local knowledge and insight. However our dedication and efforts to indefatigably improving your travel experience to Bhutan can be bettered with your suggestions, ideas and comments which you are free to share with us before, during or after your visit. A true journey cannot be one, unless you take back home with you vivid memories of Bhutan and we’re definite and committed to making your stay in Bhutan that much more memorable.

* Pursue Bhutan Tours is a tourism and travel related company registered with the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Bhutan under the trade license No. 1021383.

Tandin Nidup
Managing Director